Wheaton Figure Skating Production Team

NOW FORMING OUR 2016-2017 TEAMS - See our Tryout Page for More Info! 
Coaches: Summer Kendall DaSilva & Clarissa Blake
Costume/Props: Deborah Kendall

 Congratulations to our 2015-2016 Teams
1st Place Bowie Competition
1st Place Wells Competition
1st Place Piney Competition
2nd Place Fairfax Competition

3rd Place Bowie Competition
1st Place Wells Competition
1st Place Piney Competition
​1st Place Fairfax Competition

​What is Production?
Production is a lavish, creative, artistic work marked by extreme freedom of style
and structure, using costumes and props to illustrate the number.  Any and all types of skating maneuvers are permitted, making this event great for skaters of all levels and ages. This 4.5-minute routine allows skaters to bring their creativity to life with a theatre on ice type production. The Ice Skating Institute (ISI) sanctions this event and our team will compete in four or five local competitions against other production teams. Whether we compete in the
small (8-14 skaters), medium (15-22 skaters) or large (23-32 skaters) division depends on how many
​skaters we get interested in joining the team. Why Join? This is a fun opportunity for skaters to grow in their skating abilities and to develop a dramatic side to their skating. Production also gives skaters a chance to be a part of a team and make new friends, while continuing to use their technical skills. Production numbers give skaters a chance to relax while performing and have fun in a competitive environment.
Competitions: The production team attends local and travel competitions and it’s important that all team members be able to participate in each event to keep the flow of the routine. Travel expenses are not included in the production team fees.
Our 2014-2015 Season Skaters: 1st Place Bowie Competition, 3rd Place Wells Competition, 3rd Place Piney Competition, 1st Place Fairfax Competition